Hardware that you can relay on


Our unique technology enables you to sit back and relax. Someone , or something, is doing all the hard work for you.

Main Features :

  • Easy Deployment
  • large LCD panel to display Alerts / consumption / Hotel ┬ámessages
  • Easy Temperature control
  • No Defrost unit
  • Flexible configuration up to 50 products and more …
  • Special design shelves to provide easy cleaning
  • Automatic location and room recognition
  • Fast network technology
  • No pre-installation or infrastructure needed
  • automatic remote locking system
  • Door open/close alerts
  • No dedicated LAN is needed
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • Automatic IP address configuration
  • Optional or integrated dry-unit
  • Silent cooling unit
  • High energy-efficency
  • Modular system

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