High-tech is not just a fancy word…It isĀ  reality.

our engineers @K99 ( HK ) have worked hard to make your life easier.

The magic minibar system is the most advanced system in existence.
Our amazing technology will allow you to just sit back and relax.

No worries. No hassle.
All you need to do is literally just plug the system to the electricity socket.
The system fully is self – configured, Plug & Play solution, and will immediately
enter in operation, allowing you to operate and monitor in full integration
with your existing PMS, in your language, and from anywhere in the world.

No more disputes during checkout.
The system has zero tolerance for errors, and every movement is tracked and recorded
for later reference along with a time stamp.
during checkout, you will be able to present the client with a detailed report of all
the movements in the system, including opening and closing of the door, inner movement,
and of course – consumption.
A special innovative algorithm has been developed to eliminate the problem of false debit ,
that is currently presented in other automatic systems.

You have full control.
Our system allow you to lock a single minibars ,or batch lock a group on demand.
You can view the content of every minibar in your hotel, or over multiple properties,
in real time.
You can decide personal rates by rooms, floors, or even time based special rates.
Detailed reports are produced on-the-fly, on demand, and any time you decide.
Automatic supplier relation, including orders, shipments and reception of products.

Need More information ?

You would like to learn more about the Magic Minibar exclusive products for Hotels and resorts?
Do you need more information about the business models or programs for hotel minibar outsourcing ?
Please contact us , and you will be contacted by one of our worldwide representatives.

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