Magic Topaz +

A small GIANT minibar


When you will see the Magic Topaz + minibar, you will understand why the name has a “+”

The Magic Topaz + minibar is a small dimensions modular unit, made to fit.

It is in compliance with all international design and architecture standards , to ensure it fit inside different kinds of modules, cabinets, tables and the like.

However, this unit is small only in dimensions, when it comes to Features, it is GIANT.

The Magic Topaz + can hold up to 55 products (yes , you are not reading wrong – we said fifty five)  – from bottles of various dimensions, to cans, to alcoholic drinks and even candy bars.

Inside the Magic Topaz +, you can position 3 different sizes of shelves, both in the inner cabinet and on the door, for better accessibility, and even offer your guests a special shelf (upon request) for accommodating their own products.

The unit comes, like all the Magic Minibar products, in a variety of flavors, among which you can find Silver and Gold lines, to give another luxury surprise to your client when they open that cabinet and expecting to find the “same old fridge” .. what a classy touch to your upscale hotel.

The Magic Topaz + can of course come in all the other Magic Minibar Flavors, You can view samples here below.

The Magic Topaz+ offers you the following main features :

  • Small standard dimensions
  • Increase the variety of products
  • Easy fitting
  • different kinds of shelves
  • opaque or transparent door
  • Stealth Silent cooling unit
  • Super-fast install

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