Magic Sapphire +

The gem is on the table …


Meet the Magic Sapphire+

Not all people can recognize a real gem when they see one. But we are sure you can.

The Magic Sapphire+ is a stand – alone dry shelf , with the possibility to host an infinite array of products (up to 28! ), ranging from the traditional Alcoholic Drinks and Peanuts, to Candy bars, and even Luxury commodities like Cosmetic Products, Perfumes, Or any other Product you would like to offer your clients.

The inviting transparency of the Magic Sapphire+ will be sure to capture the attention of your guests, yet will keep your products secure, and easy to maintain.

The height of the floating glass lid can be adjusted to accommodate different heights of products, in vertical or horizontal positioning, keeping always an easy and even enjoyable access to all products.

The Magic Sapphire+ can also be combined and mounted upon theĀ  the Magic Topaz + Unit , creating the Magic Onyx+.

The Magic Sapphir+ offers you the following rich features :

  • Easy positioningĀ  on table, shelves
  • up to 28 different products (depends on size)
  • Increased revenue from sell of non-traditional luxury products
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Can be combined with the Magic Topaz +

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