High Technology wrapped in a breath taking design


Design is important .and  the hospitality industry knows it like no other.
but for many years, hotel designers choose to hide the minibars inside cabinets.
Who can blame them ? they had no choice. the minibars were ugly.
The Magic Minibar does not need to be hidden.

Our elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple,
uncluttered form.
Beautiful patterns and colors await to be exhibited ,complimenting the design
of every up-scale hotel room.
Be it is classic design, technological, contemporary, or artistic –
all you need to do, is choose the design that fits you best.

A famous designer once said :

“ Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy..”

We also know that.

This is why we have created a flexible, scalable, and personal design system,
that will allow you to create the perfect minibar for your property.
We can help you choose from various sizes, configurations and infinite colors
or textures, or you can even ask your designer to draw his own

Of course our minibar support international standards  , so you can always put
it inside the cabinet again…But then again, why would you ?

Our automatic minibar systems feature flexible, limitless design, that can integrate itself with our client needs.

No need to compromise on the looks.

The new Gamma of models puts a stop of hiding the minibars , and transforms the neccessary service to a beautiful furniture piece that our costumers are proud to show their guests.

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