Big Variety of Hotel Minibar devices


You know every guest is different . Good hotel management always does. This is why you have different rooms to accommodate different guest´s needs.

We also know that .

This is why the Magic Minibars lines of products are different, Featuring many kinds of devices, from small to bigger, From simple to Advanced, and all with endless possiabilities.

Among the Devices, you can find the “Magic Onyx+” , a  Full featured Minibar that will make you proud to have  in your rooms. equipped with a cooling unit, a dry unit, and numerous unique features this Device is  Powerful and Flexible.  The perfect  “plus” to your room design and comfort.

The “Magic Topaz+” will answer the needs for a more discreet choice. Small in dimensions, but surprisingly huge in performance , this standards based modular unit will fit everywhere.

For management that wants to offer more ,the “Magic Sapphir+” will bring just the right solution. A device that can be positioned almost everywhere in the room, and offer limitless possiabilities for an unprecedented variety of products, from Traditional Alcoholic Drinks and Bars, to Cosmetics and perfumes, and anything else that you would like to “spoil” your guests with.

And that´s not all.

The Magic Minibars Designer and Engineers are working on a whole new line of revolutionary products, that will surprise you (and your guests) with innovative technology, revolutionary ideas and un-compromised design.  You will have to see in order to believe.

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