Transform you Minibar system from Problem to Profit.


We know how hard it is to manage a hotel.

We also know that for the hotel management, the minibar represents a problem.  (See this survey)

We are here to provide the solution.

Our innovative  Business models will help you save time, money, and gain more in profits.

No more running to the room upon checkout..

No more inconvenient disputes with clients…

No more hassle and frustration…

We have eliminated the false billing problem that so many minibar systems suffer from, We have integrated safety mechanisems, and special monitoring system.

All on your behalf.

You too, can now benefit from the convenience and benefits our system delivers to others in the hospitality industry, among which :

  • Important reduction on labor cost
  • Growth in Minibar revenues
  • Saving Logistical hassle
  • Deploy & Forget
  • Total Live control and monitoring
  • Unique business models
  • Eliminate suppliers handling

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