The Magic Minibar ( @k99 ) is a fast growing international company specialized in custom made solutions for the hospitality industry.

We provide unique Minibar Services for Hotels and resorts of all kinds, especially the upscale and luxury market Throughout the world.

Being an international team with offices located in Europe and the US, among other locations, We can better understand and answer the global needs of the industry.

Our team is composed from a multidisciplinary personal that brings  you years of experience in all fields of design, service and deployment of Computerized Automatic Minibar systems.

Our staff members are all pioneers in their fields , and dedicated years of research to achieve perfection in designing the software, connectivity, service package and looks of the Automatic system – All in order to ensure the best product available on the market today, and with no additional cost.

Cutting edge design and respect for the environment are the main concept that stands guide us when we Design ,Conceive  and produce our innovative Automatic Minibar Systems (AMS) systems.

The revolutionary Technology that Magic minibars has implemented in the automatic Systems , based on our vast experience in the field, will help the hospitality industry to achieve excellence in giving better services to the final client.

The proprietery technologies, hardware , software and cloud infrastructure are all designed by k99 ( hk ) – a leading IoT innovator specialized in customized solutions for various industries. Click here to learn more.

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